To help get you all excited about our upcoming group tour to India, I thought I would write a little bit about some of the places we will be visiting whilst in Rajasthan and Ladakh.

I am starting with this place,

The Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal


Possibly a little bit obvious and some might say overly touristy, but in my opinion, any visit to India really has to include a visit to the Taj Mahal. Over the years, I have visited this spectacular site 3 times, and each visit has been as awe inspiring as the last.

Taj Mahal at a distance

The Taj, striking at a distance


Taj Mahal Framed by arch.

Many different vantage points to see this magnificent building


Located in the middle of a rather unremarkable industrial city of Agra, the Taj is just the most majestic sight to behold. Even before you lay eyes on the Taj, you enter through the imposing front gate complex, which although remarkable on its own, doesn’t quite prepare you for the grandeur of the Mausoleum itself.

Taj Mahal Entrance Gate

Entrance gates of the Taj Mahal Complex


Like anywhere in India, it is also great place for people watching. Not only a place to sightsee, the locals enjoy dressing up and promenading around the grounds and getting their photos taken.

People at Taj Mahal

Locals taking photos and enjoying the scenery.


I recently read that the Indian Government appears to be trying to privatise the Taj Mahal and other heritage monuments around the country. They are arguing it is a way to preserve these buildings, as the Government claims it can’t afford the upkeep. It is a shame if the monument falls into (greater) disrepair because the government can’t manage its upkeep, but I remain a little sceptical that a private entity will do a better job.

Regardless, it looks like the Taj Mahal will be around to view for a good many more years.


Taj Mahal at sunset

Taj Mahal at sunset


If you have ever thought about doing a trip to India, do consider coming along with us in September. It is a good month to go to India… (it will be hot, but not insanely hot!) and we will take care of all your accommodation and itinerary. All you have to do is come along and enjoy the experience.